3 Hearts Acres​


3 Hearts Acres 


Who We Are

Both Bill & I were raised right here in the Sandhills. We met in 2017 and talked about how we both missed our farming/ranching roots because we were living in town.

Saw this cute little place for sale a few times, Bill always said 'I'd like to get that little please, and always missed out.

One day in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we got a call that it was available and we jumped in with both feet, and right away we knew we wanted to make it into a place to give back and help our community.

In just a couple short months my 15 year old grandson moved in with us, who has been raised right here in Valentine, and wanted to learn 'the farming life'. They were only doing virtual school at the time, so Kyler got initiated quick.

We fixed fence and fixed fence, mowed, cleaned up old wood, the property hadn't been cleaned up in a long time.

Within about a month of moving we got our 1st Nigerian Dwarf goat - Mr. Pickles, and shortly after came Ms. Patches, a pygmy boer cross  and then came Percy a pygmy goat. We have 3 chickens and 6 Guineas (chickens). We're hoping to get a milk cow this year.


Mission And Vision

MISSION - To grow a garden so that our community has fresh vegetables. Providing livestock pens for town 4H children and provide a job opportunity to pre tweens to get work experience. To give back to our community.  Helping children learn and experience the work that goes into having a garden or 4H animal, the satisfaction that comes from that work and the sheer love of giving to their community.

Also, providing local artisans an outlet to sell their handmade wares.

VISION - To give our interested town children the opportunity to learn agriculture and responsibility of farm life. 

To have a Farmers and Crafters Market that our local artisans can be a part of, year round.

Bill has decided to become a non denominational minister so that we can perform 'country' weddings here and Sunday services. With a natural setting and lots of flowers that give back to nature.

Our Team

We look forward to serving your produce needs.

Bill Williams


I was born in Gordon, raised south of Merriman in the Hyannis area. Grew up ranching, roping and training horses. Graduated HS and went into the Marines, where I sustained a back injury that left me unable to have a 'job' in the Marines. I then drove semi for many years until my body said no more.

I love being outside and being productive, I'm in charge of the animals, fencing and grounds keeping. I will be adding wood crafts and leather works to our Farmers Market.

Anne Murer

Marketing, Advertising, Gardener

I am a Nebraska raised ranch kid. 

Born in Ainsworth, NE, raised on ranches from Merriman, Ne to Lincoln, Ne. 

My Daddy worked for Senator Eve Bowring in Merriman, her ranch is now a Nebraska State Park, I used to clean her house.

I milked cows, wrestled calves for brandings, rodeoed in high school, was in 4H and Home Economics and we always had a garden.

I spent a lot of time with my Gram and both aunties in Ainsworth and they all 3 had big gardens. I think that's where I learned my love of growing things. I learned my love of building things from Grandad and Uncle Ted. I would rather build it than buy it. I went in the Army  after high school, was Military Police. 

I've traveled all the the US in my 50+ years.

I've always wanted to 'give back', pay it forward, in my hometown community.

In our small rural communities we tend to run out of things for our young children to do. Both parents are working these days.

The theater shut down, it's 2 hours to the nearest skating rink, our park is geared for 

pre tweens, the city pool has restrictive hours... Our children need to have things that encourage them to be productive, have drive, want to learn and experience new things while having fun.

Kyler Stanley

Farm Assistant

Kyler has been raised in Valentine all his life and enjoys being outside in nature and the satisfaction that hard work rewards him with.

Kyler is our grandson and hopes to be part owner someday.

He enjoys the labor intensive fencing and mowing, as well as talking to the animals. His goal is to become a Child Psychologist and work in the area when he graduates from college.

We sure do enjoy his easy going personality, the way he makes us all laugh and he's darn good looking too.

Our Animal Team

3 dogs

Gracie - blue heeler on the left

Belle - chocolate lab on the right(the old dog)

Mr. Mouse - sitting in the back

Mouse rules the roost, 

Gracie is the sweet sensitive girl. 

Belle, she's the boss and a little bull headed. 

Belle crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 15th, she is GREATLY missed, but in a much better place, run free girl.

3 kittys

Grey - Beans

Mushu - left

Gizmo - in the back

There will be no mice in our home, LOL.

Mushu is the largest, the Gizmo and Beans...Well, he's the ornery one.

They kill bugs, catch flies and snakes.


Mr. Pickles, our little black ND goat.

Ms. Patches, named for her pretty markings and Percy(he's pygmy.

These 3 are just good entertainment. Pickles is the tamest little guy. Loves attention, the other 2 still need to learn humans are ok.

We are adding, Nigora, Pygora and Angora 

goats to our herd.