3 Hearts Acres​

My Story

I was raised a country girl, milking cows, riding horses, checking cows during the night, pulling calves and rodeo.  First time in town school was my freshman year. I used to draw and sew, pretty good seamstress, but not my passion.

I love having my hands busy, even watching tv, I crochet. My family says, "we don't have to worry about keeping you busy if you go blind', 'you can crochet with your eyes closed'. Yes I can.

Got married after high school, went in the Army, got pregnant, got out of Army during AIT. Sadly, I lost that child and 2 others. Became a military wife, spent years associated as a military dependent. Started crocheting for friends, fund raising and neighbors.

Many years later I finally had a baby girl. I crocheted and crocheted for her.

I tried and tried to read instructions and to this day, I am not able to.

But, I can look at most pictures and figure out the stitch used and design from there.

My hobbies outside of crochet are interior decorating, animal rescue, and cooking...

the bigger the crowd, the better I like cooking.

I lived in UT for a few years and during this time I had several friends. We decided we should have a Christmas get together.  Now, I don't care for baking, so guests could bring a dessert if they desired, but I did all the cooking.  My last Christmas dinner we had 43 guests. I also would cook for various church members and that turned into taking orders from 'word of mouth' folks. This turned into a small business, and I was cooking and crocheting all the time.

I am very ambitious with my crochet, it IS my passion. I LOVE being busy and I thrive on challenge.

The more orders I get, the better my work. My desire is to keep blooming in my talent and be able to design

more clothing pieces. I love making the frilly little girls dresses and I hope to be able to enter a blessing gown and blessing suit in our local county fair. If you want it, can't find it, I 'might' be able to make it.

I can not read a pattern, I just grab a hook and a skein and 'viola'.

I will look at a picture sometimes or get an idea off the internet.

I have to give all the credit to Heavenly Father,

because he gave me this wonderful gift.

He guides my hands, I create what he directs me to.

I give most of my work away,

what I sell, simply keeps me in yarn, to make the items for donations.

Your order is made with hours of love.

I donate a lot of work to good causes across the US.



If you would like to have my items for your fund raiser, silent auction, 

school function...please drop me a line.

I am MORE than happy to create items for your cause.

[email protected]