3 Hearts Acres​


Since each one is independently designed and created,

prices vary for each one.

Every afghan I make is made to order, no 2 are alike. Looking for something unique? 

I love creating for my clients.

Afghan collage

#1 - client asked for an afghan that went with her floor rug. She LOVES it. From a color concept to completion.

#2 - Sunflowers and roses with white background, this afghan was a wedding gift ordered by client. It weighs 32#.

#3 - This was actually my very first sunflower afghan. Trial and error but I persevered. Client loved it.

#4 - Client ordered for her daughter for Christmas and it was super appreciated and loved. This King size afghan is gorgeous.

The photos do not do it justice. There are 3 rows of petals, made with Caron one pound 'sunflower', weighing 28#,

when I finished it. The border is Red Heart 'saffron', and is

a sunflower petal every 3 stitches, all the way around.

I made 3 in 2018, here it is 2021 and I have 4 to complete.

Please inquire for pricing.

#5 - Young client loves the sunflowers but wanted 'colorful' and I came up with this. It gets a TON of compliments.

Baby Carrier/carseat cover/afghan

This was created for a little boy but could be unisex.

I try to make these so that as baby grows and doesn't use carrier but car seat, that it can still be used. It is small enough to also be used as that 'drag along blanky'. These are approximately 38" x 48", can be made a little larger or smaller.

Girl car seat cover with hats

A special friend requested this carrier cover. I made it with a matching hat and exchangeable flower. Again,

large enough to be used as an afghan, car seat cover, 'blanky".

Blue camo

This color combination is super popular. I get a lot of orders for it.

This variegated is fun to work with, it's Caron and so very soft.