3 Hearts Acres​

this category includes -

winter hats, spring-summer hats, scarves, fingerless hand warmers, 

leg warmers, neck and ear warmers..

I love to crochet for others!

I love donating my work, to benefit organizations and the people they serve.


This particular summer hat is made with Peaches & Cream cotton thread. I have since changed to a finer thread.

These are great for Cancer patients.

School Colors

If you want school colors for hats, scarves, hand warmers...

I can do that too.

I create for our local FBLA and they sell them in their school store. 

Be happy to create for your school too. Just call or send me a message.

Rainbow  Splash

This set was a fun set to make. All the bright colors.

Talk about 60's hippy flashback or Rainbow bright, 

who remembers her?

Ear warmer, handwarmers, boot cuffs oh my.

Martina hair bun covers

Ballet, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, zumba... These are great for that long hair. Pony tail, twist, cover and off you go.

Special order in your favorite color, can add pearls and beads 

or garnish how you like.


This 12" neck warmer was made with a fluffy soft lime green yarn. 

This style has been one of my most popular, because you can pull it up over your ears and nose. 

Fold it in half and you've got a really cozy neck warmer 

or ear warmer, great for skiing.

Made to order in your favorite color(s).


Need a tie? I can make em bow tie, 

long tie, wide tie, short tie, fun tie.

Made to order.

Purple People Eater

This set was donated to a fund raiser in response to a large state fire. I donate every chance I get.

2 tone purple scarf with pockets and pretty buttons, hat and hand warmers. Client who won them, LOVED them.

Made to order in your color(s).