3 Hearts Acres​

Anything you can use around the house

Dish cloths, hand towels, scrubby shower mitts,

doilies, tablecloths, pot holders, rugs, swiffer replacements...

Prices depend on item requested, please inquire.

Dish Scrubbys

These can also be used in the shower, they're great.

I make them in all sizes and shapes. I like them a little bigger, I rarely use a dishcloth anymore. I try to make them fun.

They might have a heart in center, maybe a flower, whatever strikes me at the moment.

I even close them with a tie so you can put a bar of soap inside.


I love the new dishcloth with the scrubby in the center.

Big ones, little ones, round and square too.

They will typically measure 6"-10",  they fit in glassware quite nicely.

Let me know what you like.

Kitchen Sets

I make dish towels with matching dish cloths. Let me know what you're looking for.

Swiffer replacement pads

These are awesome, I sell a ton of them. I can make them in any color and I can make them with scrubbys inside.


I love making tablecloths and hope that they are past down for generations to come. I typically get about 1 order a year for them, they are made out of fine threads including Linen sometimes.

This year I have 4 tablecloths on order. Please contact me for pricing.


I know they aren't used by a lot of people anymore.

They are pretty, I make them in all sizes and shapes.

They make great gifts.

Need a wedding gift, a wedding shower gift, how about for a birthday or Christmas. They are heirloom quality. These are quite simple ones, I have made detailed ones, but sadly didn't get pictures. 

I didn't used to be good at getting pictures, now I get pictures most of the time and have to work on staging.