3 Hearts Acres​


Freshly Grown Vegetables

Growing Green Fields And

A Green Environment


We've chosen primarily 'heirloom' seeds and some very unique seeds from across the lands.  There will be vegetables of green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue to name a few.

There will be herbs and spices and the aroma for sure will be enticing.


This Google earth photo is old, we now have a red & white shed just inside the driveway that will be our farms market shop. The out buildings and above ground pool are gone.

Our little 2 acres is just on the west edge of Valentine, 1 mile from Tehrani Motors. We have a 140 year old home, several livestock pens, and a work in progress tree grove. It's quite old and needs a lot of cleaning up. This spring 2021 we're planting Black Walnut, Hazelnut, Choke Cherry, Red Cedar and Blue Spruce trees as we start cutting down the dead trees.

Recently Bill cut down a dead tree we thought was Elm, turns out a Black Walnut grew inside of the Elm and the wood is beautiful. Stay tuned for items made from that wood.


We currently have 4 hydrants scattered on the property, we have FABULOUS fresh well water and it tests clear every year. We can drink crystal clear, ice cold water straight from the hose.


Our garden is ALL organic, we used our 'free range' chicken egg shells to start our seeds in. All bio degradable and adds calcium back to our soil.

All plants are hand tended and harvested. 

We hope to have young people from town volunteer to come see what gardening is all about.

Eat Clean And Green.