3 Hearts Acres​

Pet Things

Doggie sweaters, snoods, leashes, bed bags, kitty beds, collar covers

Doggie stuff

Sweaters of all kinds

All of my winter sweaters are double layered reversible.

They are all completely adjustable. Everything buttons.

You choose the color(s), get the measurements and in a few days, I have it ready to mail or deliver, if your local.

Mr. Mouse

He is the reason I make sweaters. He is an Italian greyhound, very little hair. He has acclimated quite well to our NE weather, so he doesn't wear them as much now.

Nala Sweater

This is a little sweater is a light single layer spring sweater. Just enough for the cool mornings and evenings of spring.

This is the front band on this little sweater and it has buttons on the outside, with button holes on the band and you can just button it where it needs to be.

Turquoise Delight

This beautiful sweater was an order and the client was quite happy. And I simply love the way it came out on both sides.

Here you can clearly see the buttons on the belly band how adjustable they are. This one happens to have a collar that is not adjustable but I do add a tie string, so it can be snugged up if necessary.

This is a Snood

It covers their ears and helps control their body temp when they're outside. About 6" to 8" long and 3" to 4" circumference, depending on the size of your fur baby. I run a narrow collar through them to hold them on.

Just one more

This sweater I call Urah! for obvious reason. Mouse sports this one quite nicely. He looks good in nearly every color I put on him.

Big dogs, little dogs, t-cup too

I make them all. Just give me a shout with your color(s) and measurements.


All in inches. If you have any questions, please ask.

Crafty things

In this category you will find items made mostly of

plastic canvas..tissue box covers, doll house furniture,

coaster sets, Forever cards(birthday, love, wedding, baby)

and I make these cute Angels

I Love making these angels

And an Angel to make someone happy

These pretty gals are made from a slice of fabric, add a halo and a ribbon, maybe some lace and viola a piece of art for your wall.

I use all colors, weights and sizes  of fabrics, adding different variants of embellishments. My bestie taught me to make these 20 years ago.

Thank you Ladybug.

I haven't been doin as much plastic canvas as I'd like to(to busy with crochet orders), but I do hope to start getting some done, this year.

#1 is a 'Forever' card I made my mom several years ago. In all, I've done about 15.

#2 is doll house furniture. Every little girl should have some, you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean them. For little boys and girls I can make trucks, cars, houses...If you think you'd like something that you haven't found, I'll give it a try.

#3 Placemats and (not pictured) napkin ring. You pick the colors and I think I can make about any design, just ask.

#4 This is Falcon coasters with a keeper for them, for my ex father in law. I can do tissue box covers, crosses, book marks to name a few.

Have an idea, let me know. We'll see what I can do.

Aromatherapy Jewelry

And yet there's more

Bill, Kyler and I are all pretty crafty. Bill and I both do leather and embroidery. He actually is really good at counted cross stitch.

Kyler makes really nice items out of duct tape, we've made bead sun catchers and are always looking for a new hobby.