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Why I do, what I do for a living...

Because it makes others Happy!

My Aunt Phyllis taught me to make crochet chains when I was about 5 years old. I chained with my fingers. She said 'when you get good at it this way, 

I'll show you how to use a hook, but you need to learn control of the yarn'.  

We visited my Aunt Lena, when I was about 14 and she was crocheting bread sacks, into floor rugs. I said that's cool, how do I do it. So, Aunt Lena set me down and showed me how to cut the bread sacks in strips and crochet them together to make rugs and can do fabric scraps too.

I don't remember crocheting again until I was about 26 when I had my daughter.

I crocheted her an afghan and some little stuffed animals.

Then in 2013 at the age of 55, I totally got the bug. I started crocheting for a group for their fund raising events. Then another group, then friends and neighbors asked me to make things. Then, I was busy all the time creating. I've been creating full time every since.

Heavenly Father gave me this wonderful gift. I have tried to make exactly what a client requested, color and pattern, but sometimes the color is just wrong or I'm not doing it exactly right and, I have to lay yarn and hook down and try again later.

If the color is wrong...it simply won't work. If I change the yarn color...viola, it comes out perfectly.

I donate approximately $2000 to $2800 a year to causes far and wide. My grandsons middle school does a 'giving tree' for Christmas and I fill their tree with hats, scarves and hand warmers.

And I do digital marketing because I love doing graphic design. It has been a passion since 2007, and I totally learned it by the seat of my pants, because I had to.

So, if your'e in the need of marketing and advertising help, contact me.


If you would like to place an order, you can contact me through our 'contact page',

Instagram or Facebook.

I will ask you for color(s), sizes, how many and such.

If you're not sure, I LOVE being creative with no boundaries.

I do require that ALL orders be PAID IN FULL before I start your project.

USA shipping only!

I do offer discounts, if you choose to purchase your own yarn.


Sometimes clients bring me to tears...

"Incredibly beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love them! Thank you for this tremendous Blessing! I pray that the babies who receive these

are Blessed too from the love you have in creating these works of art."


"Anne, you made me cry!!!!!! These are absolutely remarkable!!!!! I cannot even convey to you how wonderfully Blessed your work is! I cannot Thank you enough!!!!!! Our baby just made her appearance yesterday."  Laura(she won bid on babysets)


"Anne I love all of this. Thank you for the extra bag for me, that was very generous and much appreciated. Excited for granddaughter

to get here and try on the dress. It is awesome." Cindy( won bids on an auction)


"Hi Anne, your beautiful blanket arrived Monday.

It's simply beautiful so thank you again!" Deb(toddler afghan)

Unless otherwise stated...

All photos on my website are past, sold items. Generally, everything is 'made to order' by your specifications.

If I have items for sale, it will be stated as such in the paragraph with the photo.

Some yarns may still be available, I would have to check for you.

                                        I may or may not be able to duplicate and exact item, as my hands do the work, the Lord has directed.

Thank you.

Hand crocheted items, just for you, made with hours of love!

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